If You Want Parallax

It's as easy as typing Parallax

Hall of 20 thousand seats

Drink While You Edit

You can make all the changes in a few steps. Insert any ime, audio or video. Have a sip of coffee or beer and make another change. Just choose from the list of intuitive options and your page is ready.

Configure As Desired

Configuration is a breeze and the display options are merely point and click. There are pre-defined formats to suit every business model and end user. Just choose the option by name and change the text to suit.

Tell Your Friends

Spread the message that a Joomla extension is available to make the OnePage setup as easy as 1-2-3. It will make the marketing effort absolutely easy and precise. Your friends will thank you eternally.

The Fixins Are Very Intuitive

Insert audio players with sources from SoundCloud, MixCloud, Internet Radio Stream, Local MP3

There Will Be A Show



Elon Munskett

The expert on all the security systems built into the core of Joomla.


Dak Pressdat

A senior software engineer at Sony music for over 2,000 years. The author of all music software.


Odell Bekwish

A duo that is committed to the marketing efforts of Joomla.


Lewis Stellar

She is the glue in the Joomla project and ensures that all works well.

Video Reflections From Joomla's Past

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